How DEZIDIPCHECK - DEZIDATA Electronic Dipstick Operates



Level determination by installing a ultrasonic sensor in each compartment bottom. Sonic impulses run through the tube that is filled with the product up to the liquid's surface, are reflected there and return to the sensor within milliseconds. The duration of the impulse is measured with high accuracy.






Exact level measurement using an additional comparative measurement in a parallel reference tube. Appropriate determination of the sonic's speed specific for the loaded product and its temperature. This method is patented. 





Calculation of the volume by means of the dip table, determined at the calibration, with an exactness of less than 0,1%.






Registration and analysis of troubles caused by waves at the product surface by the appropriate software. 

Influences by the inclination of the vehicle can already be minimised by an optimal installation of the sensors by the body builder. Inclination sensors installed in series determine additionally the actual inclination of the vehicle in both axle directions. A corresponding software compensates automatically the inclination. 


Product detectors installed in the delivery line system determine the quantity in the delivery lines and take it into account in the volume balance. Thus, the function sealed parcel delivery plus can be realised that can not only detect quantity deviations but allows also an exact quantification of this quantity.